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90fxPRO is a decentralized forex, options and cryptocurrency broker for both professional and newbie traders. We offer the most flexible payouts in the industry tagged with lots of exciting features that takes trading to a whole new level.

We're the fastest growing forex solution and global trading platform based on the blockchain technology. We maginalize the complexities of online trading with technologies that can help you scale, track your perfomances as well as give you a potential return of 2 to 10 times return on investment..

Our team is mix of industry experts and pure talents in forex trading. Our combined knowledge and experience creates the perfect ecosystem for operational growth and huge profit margins.

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History of beginnings
(Road Map)

  • 2018


    (September - October)

    Extensive Market Research

    (October - December)

  • 2019

    (Q1 - 2019)

    Formation of Business plan

    (Q2 - 2019)

    Platform Development

    (Q3 - 2019)

    Partnership & Alliances

    (Q4 - 2019)

    Launch Platform
    in BETA

  • 2020

    (Q1 - 2020)

    Public Launch
    and Marketing

    (Q2 - 2020)

    Launched in
    50 New

    (Q3 - 2020)

    Road to

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Trusted by half a million customers

Pete Suvil

90fxpro is the only trading platform I've used that actually provides an amazing return on investment and maginalizes trading risks by 90%

Keri Jovovich

I like the simplicity, the design and everything about it. The technology integrates seamlessly on any device. I think the biggest perk about 90fxpro is the ability to trade at anytime and anywhere.


I really love that the support team is very responsive and takes pride in satisfying customers.

Malia Mo Falan

I didn't know anything about trading when I first started but 90fxpro served as a lead and a great teacher for me with its practice technology. And today, I'm making beyond what I imagined. I really appreciate this platform for helping me reach my goals.

The People Behind the Phenomenon

Grisel Juliano

(CEO & Co-Founder)

Grisel is a big shot in the forex market with 12 years of financial management experience. She has worked with High Street experts in the UK as a risk control manager.

Carmela Howe

(Senior Account Manager)

Carmela Howe is an industry expert with 8 years of accounting experience in trading and forex market.

Dave. C. Ball

(CTO & Senior Software Engineer)

Dave holds a PHD in computer science with focus mainly on artifical intelligence. He is the arms and legs of the technologies behind 90fxpro

Juliano Howard

(Financial Analyst)

Juliano holds a PHD in financial engineering, he started his career in London as a financial analyst for a startup that was later sold for two hundred million pounds

Christopher Jason

(Expert Trader)

Christopher is our go to guy for everything trading. He is the number one professional trader and analyst at 90fxpro

Grey Hen

(Risk management specialist)

Grey has 10 years of experience in risk management. He helps to access possible risks that could result in low and high cash flow for 90fxpro traders

Jorge. G. Ink

(Risk Control Manager)

Jorge has 24 years of trading experience and worked at major international banks in Germany and UK as a sales manager. He holds an MBA in Financial Management from Virginia Tech University

Victoria Hayley

(Business Developer & Analyst)

Victoria has 8 years working experience with 90Fxpro.com, she is one of the best in the Money market

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